Digital Marketing Resolutions

digital marketing resolution for 2016

Your step-by-step guide to digital success in 2016

You already know that it takes the right mix of digital marketing to promote your business online, but how do you get started? Try adopting some of our five resolutions below, and remember that every digital journey starts with a single step.

1. “I will claim my corner of the Web”

A website is your “digital storefront” — a business location that’s accessible 24/7 from computers, phones and tablets. Your site is also the center of your marketing universe, where all your other online and offline advertising will point to. That means a few things:

And if you can’t do all of that yourself, you need a professional web design company that provides more than a DIY website tool.


2. “I will claim MORE than my corner of the Web”

There could be hundreds of listings for your business online across search engines, directory sites, social media and more. You may have set them up, or they may have been automatically created by other services — and either way, they might not be up to date o may contain errors. In fact, 95% of local consumers say that they’ve found online business listings with the wrong information.*

You need to make sure your business information is correct everywhere that matters online. hibu will claim, correct and protect your digital listings and give you full visibility about where you started… what’s improved… and what still needs more work to make it easy for your customers to find you.


3. “I will broadcast my message to my customers”

Search Marketing (or pay-per-click advertising) puts ads for your business on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These ads show when potential customers search for the keywords you’ve chosen for your campaign, and drive them to your site when they click.

There’s no “hotter” lead than someone who is actively searching for your product or service, and Search Marketing makes it easy for your business to reach those customers. See how search marketing can work for a local business just like yours.


4. “I will put my business where my customers are looking”

Reaching your customers on their mobile devices and social networks is more important than ever. Display Advertising creates animated ads for your business that appear on smartphones, tablets and even Facebook — targeting local consumers when they’re ready to buy, and showing them your ads again with retargeting.

It’s an engaging, effective way to grow your brand awareness and gain more “top of mind” relevance with your customers. And with location-based advertising (or LBA) for mobile, it’s even easier to reach your customers wherever they are, on all their devices.


5. “I will become a leader in my local market”

Rising above your competition on Google, Yahoo! and Bing takes patience and a good, proactive strategy. A search engine optimization (or SEO) campaign will help your site rise in the search rankings, making your business (and your website) the “go-to” source for what you do in your local area.

And since search engine optimization is always a moving target, you need a company that knows what works — and what doesn’t work anymore — when it comes to SEO.

Remember, resolutions are for the whole year

Building your digital business one piece at a time can seem like a tall task, but there’s nothing wrong with walking before you can run. As long as your business is doing something online to generate attention, interest and action, you’re already on your way!

Already have a hibu Website? You can still increase your search engine ranking with an SEO Services campaign… drive more traffic to your site with Search Marketing… and build your brand awareness on popular sites and mobile apps with Display Advertising.

Ready to get started? Let us know when we should talk to you about boosting your business online this year.

The Guide to Digital Presence Management (2015)

Ian Messinger

Ian Messinger

A longtime lover of a little alliteration, Ian is Hibu's Senior Copywriter for Marketing and Communications. Since joining in 2007, he's worked closely with the product development and creative services teams to get first-hand knowledge of how Hibu's marketing products help small business succeed online - knowledge he's happy to share with you here!

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