3 ways to engage more of your Facebook fans

Simple ways to add interest and drive interaction with your Facebook Page

As most local businesses know, there’s a world of difference between “I have a Facebook Page” and “I use my Facebook Page to connect with my customers and grow my business.” Using both Facebook ads and posts is important. So is understanding the difference between ads and boosted posts. But as Hubspot recently pointed out, there are plenty of other ways to create a more engaging Facebook Page. These are a few of the simplest!

Add more to your ‘About’ section than just basic information

Don’t underestimate the “About” section of your Page – it may be one of the first places your customers look to learn about you.

Think about what you can add that’s unique to your business and your story:

  • Your mission statement – Why do you get up and do what you do every morning?
  • Promises or other guarantees – Even a high-level commitment to excellent customer service can mean a lot to potential customers
  • Company milestones – When were you founded? When did you get an important certification or other recognition? When did you first get involved with or sponsor a local organization or event?

Pin important posts to the top of your Page

Your Facebook Timeline is just that: a timeline with the newest posts at the top and the oldest at the bottom. And chances are, your customers aren’t scrolling that far down your Page.

Facebook lets you “pin” an important post to the top of your Timeline:

  • Breaking news, like changing hours for the holidays
  • Offers and promotions, especially timely and limited-time offers
  • Upcoming events, like local events you’re sponsoring

Just click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner of the post you want to pin…and click “Pin to Top.” You can only have one pinned post at a time, but think of it like a storefront window: just swap your pinned posts when it makes the most sense!

Determine the ideal timing and frequency for your posts

A little observation goes a long way when it comes to smart social media. Try posting at different times of the day (and night!) to see when people interact with your posts the most.

  • Do you get more “Likes” but fewer “Shares” in the morning?
  • Are pictures you post during lunch getting comments?
  • If you post polls, surveys or other interactive content – is it getting more attention on weekdays or weekends?

This can absolutely be a “gut feeling,” but the catch is that you have to post continuously for a week or two…at different times of the day…on different days of the week…AND avoid posting too frequently (remember, your posts should be valuable to your audience).

If you’re not sure where to start, look at some of the big brands in your industry and see when they’re posting. That could be a great example to follow!

BONUS: Decide whether you want Facebook fans to message you privately

Private Messages (or PMs) can be a great way for your followers to reach your directly through your Page. Just go to your settings…click “General”…and look for “Messages” in the results:

But make sure you have the time to promptly check and respond to messages! There’s no point in creating a sense of exclusivity…just to privately ignore your customers and prospects.

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Ian Messinger
Ian Messinger
A longtime lover of a little alliteration, Ian is Hibu's Senior Copywriter for Marketing and Communications. Since joining in 2007, he's worked closely with the product development and creative services teams to get first-hand knowledge of how Hibu's marketing products help small business succeed online - knowledge he's happy to share with you here!

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