BREAKING NEWS: Hibu Expands Voice Search Visibility


We’re pleased to announce that Hibu’s clients can now be found with voice search on Amazon Echo devices and Alexa-powered services. This adds to the current voice search visibility that we already provide to Hibu clients on Google Assistant and Apple’s Maps and Siri-enabled services.

So if you have a Hibu Website* and Hibu Listings Management, your customers can get your business information – your correct business information — just by asking Alexa, Google or Siri.

  •  “OK Google, how do I get to {your business}?”
  •  “Hey Siri, how late is {your business} open?”
  •  “Alexa, what’s the phone number for {your business}?”

Voice is here and growing fast

Over 50 million US consumers use voice search every month. Most of these searches are done using Google (“OK, Google”) or Siri (“Hey, Siri”) on smartphones, but dedicated “smart speaker” devices like Amazon Echo (“Alexa”) and Google Home are an increasing part of the voice search landscape. Needless to say, it’s important for your local businesses to be visible on all of them.

Nick Hopkins, Hibu’s AVP of Digital Product Management, said “At Hibu, we’re constantly advancing our product line to deliver greater value. The addition of Alexa to our Hibu Listings product is the latest example, and we’re excited to bring it to both existing and new Hibu clients.”

Hopkins added that Hibu makes it easy for local businesses to keep their business information up-to-date – whether customers are searching online or by voice. “Hibu is a one-stop-shop that enables local businesses to keep their online information complete and accurate, and this now includes Alexa. With Hibu, clients can update their information across the Web with one call.”

Make sure your business is future-proof

It’s often easy to think that tech changes will slowly trickle down to “local” business, but so much of voice search is completely LOCAL – searches based on location – that it’s more important than ever to make sure your business takes the right steps now.

Give us a call and let’s make sure your prospects and customers can find your business however they search… including with voice search. Call us at 855-408-3744 now to get started, or if you’d prefer, let’s set up a time and we’ll call you!

* Hibu Standard Websites and Hibu Pro Websites with Hibu Listings Management only


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