Client Success Story: Acme Rods, Inc.

Digital marketing today is more than just a website. If you want your website to generate leads, you’ve got to drive traffic to it.
Search marketing, social, display ads – you need all these things and more funneling prospects to your website. That’s how effective digital marketing works today… just the way it did for Acme Rods, Inc.

12x more website visitors

Acme Rods Inc. specializes in making classic cars look great and run better than ever. Even though they were very happy with the way their “classic” Hibu Website made them look great… they were looking for ways to rev up the number of clicks their website received – and we more than succeeded in achieving that goal.

Check out the video above to hear Alex Hoffman, the owner of Acme Rods, discuss their digital marketing success. Then visit the new Hibu Resource Library to see a more detailed case study of Acme Rods’ success – plus a lot of other useful tools and information.

Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro

Michael is Hibu’s Manager of Copy & Design. He specializes in creating digital marketing and content that speaks to the customer and inspires a response. Before coming to Hibu, he was Creative Director for Chase and Sr. Writer/Writer-Producer for HBO.

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