Hibu Digital Marketing Habits Survey 2019

As a small business owner in 2019, we know you have a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to your digital marketing.  In the hopes of continuing to produce useful content and services for all small businesses out there, we’re interested in learning more about what you do to market your business online.

If you have a few minutes to spare, we’d love for you to fill out our latest survey. It consists of a few short multiple-choice questions and should take just a few minutes to complete. We’ll compile our findings and release a report in the near future outlining what the digital marketing space looks like for actual small business owners.

We really appreciate your time and input, and as a sign of thanks, you’ll unlock access to our comprehensive guide on how to get all the different pieces of your digital marketing working together to grow your business.


Chad David

Chad David

Marketing Copywriter at Hibu and the world's first sandwich sommelier. When Chad's not perfecting the fine art of the grilled cheese, he's neck-deep in the social media analytics he needs to create engaging paid and organic content for Hibu's social media properties.

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