Free Webinar: Driving Real Business Results from Social Marketing

Your small business can get a bigger impact with Social Marketing…

Hibu and Local Search Association (LSA) are thrilled to be able to offer you a free webinar on using Social Marketing to grow your business.

In this in-depth webinar, Nick Hopkins of Hibu and Greg Sterling of the Local Search Association explain how to drive real business results with a well-rounded Social Marketing program that includes organic posting, monitoring and engagement and paid advertising.

“Once you decide to do social media marketing, here’s how you make it effective.”
Nick Hopkins, AVP Digital Products, Hibu

Nick and Greg walk you through…

  • The changing landscape of social marketing
  • A 3-Dimensional Social Marketing Strategy
  • Content and Engagement
  • Approaches to Advertising
  • Adapting to Digital Consumer Behavior

You’ll learn how to develop a 3-D social strategy – reaching and engaging new consumers, maintaining an active social media presence, and engaging with consumers in a timely fashion – the common mistakes to avoid, and the average time and monetary investment you should expect.

Whether you manage your social marketing on your own or have someone else (like Hibu) mange it for you, this is information that can help you use social marketing effectively to grow your business.





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