Happy Valentine’s Day: Is your business getting the proper love online?

Valentine’s Day is all about showing someone special how much you care. This Valentine’s Day, you can show you care about your business by taking control of what people are seeing and saying about you online.

Anyone who’s ever gone on a date (or run a business) knows how important a first impression can be. Well, your business’s first impression online is made up of the information about your business that appears in search results and your customer reviews that appear around the Web. If your information is wrong, or if your reviews are bad… that’s a terrible first impression.

With the new Hibu Reputation, you can monitor, manage and maintain your listings and reviews – so you’ll control your first impression and every impression after that.

Forget roses and chocolates – this Valentine’s Day, take control of your online reputation!

Hibu Reputation works with Hibu Listings and Hibu Reviews to put you in control of your digital foundation. With a single, simple dashboard, you can see what your prospects and customers are seeing, 24/7, and respond accordingly.

How you’re seen online is too important to leave to chance. It’s like letting nature decide what your office or storefront looks like. But, if you’re like most business owners, you don’t have the time to spend hours searching for yourself online, trying to find all the places you appear, figuring out how to respond to negative reviews.

Now there’s an easy way.

Give yourself a great gift this Valentine’s Day… or Presidents’ Day, or Arbor Day, or any day ending in “y” – Hibu Reputation. Check out all the details today at Hibu.com/Reputation – or talk to us now at 855-408-3744!








Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro

Michael is Hibu’s Manager of Copy & Design. He specializes in creating digital marketing and content that speaks to the customer and inspires a response. Before coming to Hibu, he was Creative Director for Chase and Sr. Writer/Writer-Producer for HBO.

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