Hibu Website Image Quality Guidelines

Thanks again for investing in a Hibu Website! To make sure we’re able to use as many of your pictures as possible on your initial site preview, please take a minute to look at the image quality guidelines below.

  • Minimum image size is 300w x 180h pixels
  • Minimum image size for slider / slideshow* area is 2560w x1600h pixels
  • Minimum image size for photo galleries is 600w x 350h pixels
  • All images must be supplied as PNG, JPG/JPEG or GIF files at a minimum resolution of 72ppi (pixels per inch) and cannot be larger than 7MB
  • Animated GIFs cannot be used
  • All supplied images are automatically optimized for the Web
  • Images that don’t meet the minimum requirements above will be replaced with relevant stock images until you can provide other images that meet those requirements

And don’t forget, your images need to be clear and crisp to make your site — and your business — look as professional as possible. We’ll replace any blurry or otherwise less-than-ideal images with stock images in your site preview.

Poor Quality Image (too small, blurry):

High Quality Image (correct size to scale down, clear and crisp):

We’re committed to building you the best-looking site we can, and we’re looking forward to walking you through your site preview soon!

*Sliders / slideshows are only available on Hibu Standard and Hibu Pro Websites



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