How a blog can benefit your business

Think like a publisher to drive traffic, grow your footprint and showcase who you are

In our experience, every local business wants a blog on their website…but very few take the time to publish blog posts on a regular basis. We get it: it’s not easy to decide WHAT to post…and even harder to find the time to do it. After a while, you probably find yourself asking “Is it even worth my time to blog?” shared a great article about the power of posting on your website’s blog.

1. Blogs can drive traffic to your site and social profiles

Each blog post is content that can resonate with your audience and GROW your audience when it’s shared. From social media to old-fashioned emails with a link, posts are a great way to engage your audience and drive them to your website or social pages.

And the more you publish, the better your chances of being looked at as an authority on a topic.  We can’t promise you’ll be the next Judge Judy – but posting regularly (and encouraging people to share your posts) could make your audience think of you as THE personal injury attorney in your local area.

2. Blogs can build the size and reach of your site for more chances to get found

Every page of your website is a chance for search engines like Google to find you and serve up your content to a local customer’s search query. And every blog post you publish adds to that page count, and your chances to get found!

Plus, updating your site every time something changes can be a pain. A blog post is a great way to share the latest and greatest news, promotions or alerts with your audience.

3. Blogs are a great place to show some personality


Who do people buy from? They buy from people they trust and people they can relate to.

When was the last time you felt any sort of connection to a website? That’s rare, right?

Now think of the last time you related to someone when they told you a story. Happens daily, yes? Even multiple times each day?

Blogs help show who is behind the logo of a brand.

What do you stand for? What are topics you’re interested in? The more you blog, the more people are given a chance to relate to you, and to build an emotional connection with you (your brand, company, service, product). And that leads to sales.

BONUS: Promote your blog posts and respond to comments to build customer engagement

Picking a topic and following through on a post is a great first step…but getting your content in front of your customers is what really matters. Don’t wait for them to find your post:

  • Make sure you share your posts on Facebook and your other social profiles
  • Ask your customers if they’ve checked out your site and your blog lately
  • Have an email list or newsletter? Include a post (or a link to your blog) the next time you send something out

Check out the top ways to promote your site online and offline for more tips on getting (or growing!) your audience.

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Ian Messinger

Ian Messinger

A longtime lover of a little alliteration, Ian is Hibu's Senior Copywriter for Marketing and Communications. Since joining in 2007, he's worked closely with the product development and creative services teams to get first-hand knowledge of how Hibu's marketing products help small business succeed online - knowledge he's happy to share with you here!

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