How Do You Say “hibu”?

There’s one question we get asked more than any other.

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of small to medium sized local businesses reach the targeted customers and prospects they want — but we hear one question more than any other…”How do you say ‘hibu‘?”

Of course, you can call us anytime for the digital marketing you need… and tell us how you pronounce our name — or visit us at to get information on all the digital products and services we provide.

Michael Shapiro and Suzanne Miller

Michael Shapiro and Suzanne Miller

Michael and Suzanne are Hibu’s Senior Copy & Design team. Drawing on their extensive marketing experience – agency and corporate, online and offline, B2B and B2C -- Michael and Suzanne team up to create infographics and white-papers that help make the ins and outs of digital marketing easy to understand, and help Hibu’s client-businesses grow online.

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