How Healthy Is Your Business Website?

Websites are sort of like food. There’s a big difference between a business website that’s healthy and good for your business, and one that’s the digital version of junk food or cotton candy — all fluff and no substance. Even a great looking site can fall far short when it comes to having all the necessary ingredients to help your business attract and convert customers online.

When your website serves up your business to customers and prospects searching for what you offer, there are certain things that absolutely must be baked into your site. Take a quick look at our Website Nutritional Facts and see if your website is healthy — is it nutritional or junk?


Make sure your website isn’t half-baked

Here are three simple things you can do to quickly check the nutritional value of your business website…

  1. You can get a better taste for how healthy your site is by running your site through our free Performance Review Test. It only takes a couple minutes to see how your site scores on things like mobile optimization, social media links, keywords and more.
  2. Compare your site to our hibu Website Anatomy that shows you exactly how a small business website should be designed.
  3. Talk to us. Give us a call call us at  855-771-7858 – or let us know a good time to talk – and one of our website specialists will walk you through a review of your site and talk about whether your business website belongs in the Will-Produce aisle or over with the junk food.

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Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro

Michael is Hibu’s Manager of Copy & Design. He specializes in creating digital marketing and content that speaks to the customer and inspires a response. Before coming to Hibu, he was Creative Director for Chase and Sr. Writer/Writer-Producer for HBO.

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