Infographic: Future-proofing your small business website

Good news… the future is here! Bad news… there’s a really good chance your website isn’t ready for it.

Changes in technology are driving dramatic changes in customer buying behavior. The expanding impact of social media, mobile search, site security — your website needs to be built in a way that it can easily adapt to these changes and more.

Is your website ready for tomorrow?

How do you know if your website is ready for the future? Take a look at our new infographic, “Future-proofing your small business website” – 8 questions that show if your website is ready for tomorrow today. (Just click on the image below to download your full-size copy of the infographic.)

Future-proofing your small business website Infographic

Before you go, here’s some more good news… if you have a Hibu Pro or Standard Website, your site is already future-proof! And, if you don’t have an up-to-date Hibu Website, the news is still good because we make it incredibly easy to get the new website you need.*

Not sure where your site stands? Just give us a call at 855-727-1889.

[“Future-proofing your small business” infographic created by Gabrielle Fatula]

*Certain restrictions may apply

Michael Shapiro
Michael Shapiro
Michael is Hibu’s Sr Mgr - Copy & Content. He specializes in creating digital marketing and content that speaks to the customer and inspires a response. Before coming to Hibu, he was Creative Director for Chase and Sr. Writer/Writer-Producer for HBO.

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