Introducing the Hibu Resource Library

An all-in-one digital marketing knowledge center for your small business

We get it: there are plenty of places to turn to for advice about marketing…and it’s hard to tell what’s correct, what’s current, and what’s designed to work for local businesses.

That’s why we built the Hibu Resource Library — where you can get all the guides, tips and more that we’ve created for small businesses just like yours.

Take a few minutes to log in and have a look around, and take something with you when you go. We pride ourselves on knowing your local market, your local customers and your local business…and now you have one “local” spot online to get all the best information.

Visiting the Hibu Digital Marketing Resource Library on a laptop

Ian Messinger

Ian Messinger

A longtime lover of a little alliteration, Ian is Hibu's Senior Copywriter for Marketing and Communications. Since joining in 2007, he's worked closely with the product development and creative services teams to get first-hand knowledge of how Hibu's marketing products help small business succeed online - knowledge he's happy to share with you here!

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