Mobile Location-Based Advertising (LBA)


Target your customers where they are… right now!

One of the fastest growing forms of digital advertising today is mobile Location-Based Advertising (LBA), advertising where the ad is targeted to reach a hyper-local audience based on real-time user location — often with location-specific creative-content.

eMarketer, an independent market research company, projects that LBA will increase more than five-fold between 2013 and 2018.* This tremendous growth will be driven by three key factors:
1). More people carry smartphones, with location-based applications
2). New automated ad buying and campaign management makes it easier and cost effective to run thousands of smaller ad campaigns
3). Increasing use of mobile advertising by local businesses (following in the footsteps of their national competitors)

But the most important thing that makes LBA a smart choice for local businesses – it works!

Mobile Location-Based Advertising with hibu Display

hibu has been running LBA campaigns for hundreds of local SMBs since 2015. Here’s an example of a hibu LBA ad in action, with location-aware creative and integrated Call to Action:
LBA Example Ad
For most advertisers, LBA ad campaigns are driving response rates (click-through rates) of 2x to 4x that of any other form of mobile advertising! The combination of well-designed ads, hyper-local targeting and delivery, and dynamic creative that adapt to the current location of the user creates a very high-performance ad indeed.

So who should use LBA?

LBA is not right for everyone. hibu Display Advertising already reaches local consumers across thousands of premium websites and mobile site, and on Facebook. What LBA adds is additional reach across the hibu LBA network with an additional, complementary group of consumers – especially users of mobile news, sports and weather services, local media (TV, radio, newspaper) apps and sites, and users of mobile mapping and navigation services. And, LBA adds a new and unique element of targeting, reaching these users based on their precise current location to maximize the likelihood of response. It’s especially powerful for businesses which rely on impulse decisions and where location of the business is important in driving that impulse – like if your car breaks down and you need a service station nearby.

As a result of the strong performance we’ve seen, hibu is now offering our LBA solution to all hibu Display advertisers – for existing and new campaigns. We expect thousands of our SMB clients to benefit from this new capability.

See if LBA can help you reach your target audience

Your hibu campaign analyst can advise you on whether LBA is right for your business and for your campaign and how best to balance your ad spend. The great news is that it’s easy to opt in – no need to understand all of the complexities of Location-Based and Programmatic Advertising – with hibu it’s a simple as flipping the proverbial switch!

*eMarketer: After Success More Spending on Mobile Local Ads

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Nick Hopkins

Nick Hopkins

Nick is AVP of Digital Products for Hibu. He oversees Hibu’s digital products, including Websites, Search Marketing, Display Advertising and Search Engine Optimization. He’s been in digital marketing for over 20 years, at companies like Nokia, Navteq,, AOL and MapQuest, with a background in location-based services like mapping, mobile navigation and GPS.

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