Your Hibu Website Performance Dashboard Guide

Website analytics show you how people are getting to your site — and what they’re looking at when they get there

[*Updated infographic April 5, 2016*] 75% of small businesses don’t have or use their website analytics¹. But with a Hibu Premium or Basic Website, it’s easy to see what your site visitors are doing in your Website Performance Dashboard.

Click to see our Hibu Website Performance Dashboard Guide, read the post below for ideas about increasing and diversifying your site traffic, and then see your site’s analytics in “My Account” on

1. “Number of Visitors”

Every visit represents a chance for you to get a new customer. And if they’re a return visitor, they may be looking for a reason to become a new customer right now.

Want to convert more visitors?
Make sure each page of your site highlights what makes you faster / more affordable / more reliable, and includes tangible offers (like 10% your first purchase, a 2-year workmanship guarantee, or 24/7 emergency service).

Want to get more visitors?
Including your website URL on all your offline collateral – print ads, direct mail, business cards, storefront signage, billing statements, etc. – to drive more Direct traffic, and promote your site online with Search Marketing… SEO Services… and Display Advertising.¹



2. “Desktop + Mobile vs. Mobile only vs. Desktop only”

See how many visitors are coming to your site from computers and smartphones / tablets… just smartphones / tablets… or just computers.

3. “Traffic Sources”

Your Hibu Premium Website package includes everything you need to build up a diverse portfolio of site traffic:²

  • The professionally-written content and On-Page SEO that’s included in your package can help drive Search Engine traffic
  • The claiming and online listings distribution included in your Wave package can help drive Referring traffic
  • Promoting your site offline – by including your URL on your print advertising and other media, and just telling people about your site – can help drive Direct traffic

Want to get more traffic from a specific source?
There are a number of options to help boost your traffic:

And our print directory can get your domain name in front of interested potential customers to boost Direct traffic.

4. “Visits by Location” (Map)

This shows you which state your visitors are coming from.

Please note: Traffic from automated “bots” – which all websites get – can make it appear as if you’re getting visits from distant locations. We block bot traffic as soon as it’s identified, but your map will continue to show all your historical visits – including those from bots that are now blocked.

5. “Content Overview”

This is a list of the most popular pages of your site. Your Homepage is likely to be the most popular, since most Direct traffic visitors will go straight to your Homepage.

Do you see pages with lots of visits?
Consider splitting the services or products on those pages into multiple pages. For example, if your ‘Landscaping’ page is getting a lot of traffic, think about creating more service-specific pages like Yard Cleanup, Spring Lawn Care, and Fall Lawn Care. Chances are the visitors to your ‘Landscaping’ page are looking for something specific, and more specific pages are more likely to satisfy them.

Do you see pages with few or no visits?
Consider replacing these pages with new content. What do your customers often ask you about? What are you known for? What would you like to be known for?

6. “Desktop vs. Mobile”

See the percentage of visitors who are looking at your site on a computer vs. a smartphone / tablet.

And because your Hibu Website includes a mobile-friendly version³ for those visitors, they’ll always be able to see the most important information about your business at a glance on any device: who you are, where you are, and how to get in touch with you.

7. “Referring Sites”

Referring Sites are other sites that include a link to yours. These can be social media profiles, listings you control (like your Google+ page) and third-party sites that have decided to include a link to your Website (like Yelp).

Want more Referring traffic?
Wave, Search Marketing, and Display Advertising can all drive Referring Site traffic to you.

Download your Website Performance Dashboard Guide now >


How can you see your Hibu Website Performance Report?

If you already have a Hibu Premium or Basic Website, you can access your Website Performance Dashboard by logging in to ‘My Account’ on

After you log in, click on ‘My Products’ and then click ‘View Reports’ see your Website Performance Dashboard and reporting for any other Hibu products you have.

Please note: Your Hibu Website Performance Dashboard does not track phone calls or form submissions. Results for your Search Marketing, Display Advertising, or SEO Services campaigns are available in separate reports under ‘View Reports.’

Ready to get a new site with an analytics package that shows you exactly how you’re doing online? Give us a call at 855-771-7858 or let us know when you’d like to talk.

²Hibu does not guarantee traffic from all of these sources
³Mobile-friendly version is standard with Hibu Advantage Websites and Hibu Basic and Premium Websites
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