Getting your hours correct online this summer — it’s time to sweat the small stuff

Here’s how you can relax this summer knowing your online business listings are up to date

Ahhh, summertime. The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining longer – it almost feels like there are more hours in a day… which is probably why so many businesses have “summer hours.”

Of course, if you don’t let your customers know that you’re extending or changing your hours, you could end up losing business. Customers could show up at the right place but at the wrong time, and leave feeling burned. 80% of customers lose trust in local businesses if they see incorrect or inconsistent contact details online — so keeping your information up to date truly matters. 

Our friends at Google recently sent out an email reminding small business owners to check their online listings this summer — and to make sure the hours listed are the actual hours they’ll be open. There are plenty of reasons you might be changing your hours:

  • To get more business from tourists, travelers or seasonal shoppers
  • To meet demand during your busy season
  • To take some time off — small businesses can take summer vacations too!

Whatever the reason, here’s how you can relax this summer knowing that the hours in your online business listings are up to date.

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Where to update your business hours online

Before you start working summer hours, make sure those hours are reflected where your customers will look for them online – especially in these three places:

  1. Update your hours on Google
  2. Update your hours on Facebook
  3. Update your hours on your website

How to update your online business information

Google and Facebook both make fixing your listings easy by allowing you to:

And if you find listings for your business that have the wrong info, do some digging and reach out to the publisher to see if there’s a way to take control of those listings — or at least update the information until you can take control.

Regularly check your online listings

Even if you’ve recently edited your listings, this is the perfect time to see if any of your business information has changed online over the last few weeks. The average business listing is changed every six weeks, and often it’s by someone who is not the business owner — competitors and customers can simply click “suggest an edit” and make dramatic changes to your business listings information.

Here at Hibu, we can make sure your hours are correct – this summer and all year round – or we can change them for you if they’re not, all with just one call. After all, isn’t it better to beat the heat by fixing your hours now… rather than getting in hot water with your customers by having to fix things when it’s be too late?



Gabrielle is one of Hibu's summer marketing interns. Besides writing for the blog & working with the team, she is a rising senior at Moravian College with a love for hiking, music, cooking and art.

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