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Is flash preventing your customers from seeing your website?

WARNING: If your website is still running FLASH, 94% of mobile users can’t see critical content on your site – and they may see nothing at all.

CAUTION: Most of the major browsers – Chrome, Safari, and Firefox – have trouble with FLASH or don’t run it at all.

BEWARE: Google has started encouraging visitors NOT to visit sites with FLASH.

Once upon a time, having FLASH animation on your website showed that you were cutting-edge… but if you have FLASH on your site today, you may not show up at all.

Just consider the number of prospects you’re losing on iPhones and iPads alone – 42% of all smartphone traffic comes from iPhones and 78% of all tablet traffic comes from iPads – and neither of them will show FLASH sites.

We’ve created a fact-filled guide with everything you need to know about the dangers of having a FLASH site. Download your FREE FLASH FAIL Guide right now and see exactly how your FLASH-based business website may be invisible to most of the people searching for you.

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