The Hibu Website Promise

When you launch a new Website…

There are so many DIY options out there that it’s easy to think you can simply snap your fingers and -POOF – you have a website. Needless to say, building and launching a search engine-optimized and mobile-friendly website is a crucial first step to taking your business online. But what expectations are realistic when your site goes live?

At Hibu, we know people are going to find your Website in three ways:

  1. Searching on Google, Yahoo! and Bing (this is known as Search traffic)
  2. Clicking on links on other websites, PPC and display ads, social profiles, and email signatures (this is known as Referral traffic)
  3. Typing your domain name or business name because they saw it on your other advertising (this is known as Direct traffic)

Our goal is to create a site that turns all those visitors into customers, no matter how they find your site. And the first step is establishing your business — and your Website — online with everything that’s in The Hibu Website Promise.

Take a look at the Promise infographic below, you can even download it — or schedule a good time for us to walk you through it.


When a Hibu Website goes live, it has everything it needs to meet The Hibu Website Promise:

  1. The site will be live at the domain you chose
  2. The site will be submitted to the major search engines for indexing
  3. The site will be optimized for your business name and location
  4. The other online business listings will be claimed and updated (with our listing and claiming service)

PLUS with Hibu, you get the services of a copywriter and designer when we build your site (and whenever you need to make updates), access to make your own DIY updates, and access to your website analytics.

If you’d like us to build and launch a website for your business, call us at 877-237-6120 — or let us know a good time to talk.

Already have a Hibu Website? You can increase your search engine ranking with an SEO Services campaign… drive more traffic to your site with Search Marketing… and build your brand awareness on popular sites and mobile apps with Display Advertising. You can find information on all these Hibu products and more at

Ian Messinger

Ian Messinger

A longtime lover of a little alliteration, Ian is Hibu's Senior Copywriter for Marketing and Communications. Since joining in 2007, he's worked closely with the product development and creative services teams to get first-hand knowledge of how Hibu's marketing products help small business succeed online - knowledge he's happy to share with you here!

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