Why professional Web Designers are better than DIY tools

Why Professional Designers are Better than DIY Tools

Creating a website for your business is the best way to market to as many people as possible – which will ultimately increase your brand recognition and sales. The challenge? Making a GOOD website is difficult, and to build a successful one, you need all the right skills working together in just the right way: content, coding, navigation, design, SEO…and that’s just the start.

The good news — and a great idea — is that you can turn to professional web designers to worry about all of these components for you.

Web design to impress and engage

Your website design is crucial. It needs to fit your brand… make a great first impression… and create a consistent, easy-to-use experience for your site visitors. A professional web design team will work with you to understand every aspect of your business — what products or services you provide, who your target audience is, what sets you apart from your competition, and what your ultimate goal is for your site — so that you and your customers are happy with your site.

Content that communicates and wins new customers

The saying goes that “Content is king” online — and your website content (or copy) is no exception. Making sure the words on your site tell your visitors who you are, what you do, how to get in touch with you, and what sets you apart from your competition is an entirely different (but just as important) skill in building a successful business website.

Professional web design teams with copywriters can help deliver your business’ message in a concise, compelling way that connects with your customers.

Mobile design for all devices

Remember, you’re not JUST designing a website anymore. In 2016, it pays to have a “mobile first” mindset — and professional web designers know how to build a site for your business that works for every visitor on every device.

If you don’t know how to build a responsive site (or a dedicated mobile version of your site that works on all smartphones and tablets), your DIY website may only reach a fraction of your potential audience.

SEO that gets you found

Professional web designers know how to build a website that’s search engine optimized — a site that’s built to be more relevant to search engines and, ultimately, easier for your customers to find. And a site that’s easier to find gets more visits…and more visits means more chances for business.

Without unique content, meta data and proper coding, search engines won’t give your site a high ranking (or could ignore it entirely).

Customer service you can rely on

Web design teams (and the digital marketing companies they work for) make sure that your site is running bug free around the clock — and are there to help you if something goes wrong. They’re also available to help you make small updates to your site or answer any questions you might have. A company specializing in web design can solve problems and make updates with little to no downtime on your site.

Without this kind of support, you will be left wondering what happened to your site for days or weeks — or missing your chance to announce a special promotion on your homepage.

No stress while you run your business

Your time is the most valuable thing you have. Being a small business owner is a full-time job — and not an easy one, either. Focus on running your business — not building, updating and (when you need to) troubleshooting your DIY website. Not only is BUILDING a site time-consuming, but LEARNING how to build one the right way — so search engines and your customers can find you on computers, tablets and smartphones — takes a long time too.

Your website should be professional — so leave it to the professionals. Call us today at 855-771-7858 (or let us know a good time to talk) and let us build you a search engine-optimized, mobile-friendly small business website that can get you found and win new customers.



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