Why You Should Say NO to Flash

How a Flash website design can hurt your business

A Flash-based website may have seemed like a good idea when you first built your small business website years ago. It offered animation, special fonts, worked in most browsers — and wowed everyone you showed it to. Flash website design really was the “gold standard” of interactivity in web design…at the time. But today, Flash holds your site back in more ways than it helps.

  • Flash websites are hard for visitors to use – Flash-based site navigation is often hard to use. Flash-based sites often load slower. Flash content often doesn’t load on mobile devices. Basic things your site visitors rely on like the “Back” button often don’t work on Flash sites. Every one of these issues can cause your already impatient visitors to leave, potentially going on to visit your competitor’s sites instead.
  • Flash websites are hard for search engines to read and rank – Your customers rely on search engines to find businesses like yours. But Google and the other search engines can’t “read” Flash content because it’s not built with standard HTML code. And if search engines can’t read your site content… they can’t determine if it’s relevant… and they won’t serve it up to people searching for what you do.
  • Flash websites will only play in browsers that support Flash – To view a Flash-based site, your browser needs a Flash plugin installed. Most modern browsers don’t include this plugin — and many browsers block Flash altogether. Public computers in schools or libraries don’t include this plugin for security reasons.  And mobile devices and smartphones can’t show Flash either, leaving your “on the go” customers unable to see some (or all) of your site.

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