Why hibu Supports Online Reviews — and Why Your Business Needs Them Too

Online reviews are an easy, cost-free way to market your business

Maximizing your marketing efforts is essential to running a successful business. An easy and potentially cost-free way to do that? Online reviews.

Reviews are a great way to control your online reputation, and your customers do all the work for you! Consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service when it was recommended by someone else. Online reviews have mixed basic word-of-mouth with online feedback that can become viral — putting an objective, positive opinion of your business in front of more potential customers.

What online reviews can do for your small business

Increase Sales That’s right: trustworthy, third-party reviews on your site can increase your sales. People are more likely to buy your product if it’s highly recommended by consumers just like them. And not including reviews deprives people of information that’s become vital — and expected — in the online buyer’s journey.

Amplify Rankings – Allowing customers to provide feedback on your website can raise your site in the organic search rankings. Search engines see reviews on your site as unique content, and that can give your site higher authority and relevance in search results — which drives more visitors to your site.

Give Your Customer a Voice – When you give the option to leave a review, you give your customers power — and their reviews can help you adjust your business to meet their needs. It’s a win-win: you can build brand loyalty and learn what’s working for your customer base.

We use our hibu reviews to give our customers a voice about their experience — and to help our potential customers make the best decision about their online marketing.



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