Women’s History Month 2019: Women In Tech


The women leading and innovating in technology across the world impact our lives on a daily basis and are working hard on shaping the future for the better. Join us this Women’s history month to celebrate just a few of the women who are making history today and who strive to innovate, inspire, and lead with technology.

Joy Buolamwini

Joy Buolamwini is a poet of code on a mission to show compassion through computation. As a graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab, she leads the Algorithmic Justice League to fight harmful bias in artificial intelligence.
Her research explores the intersection of social impact technology and inclusion — pioneering techniques that are now leading to increased transparency in the use of facial analysis technology globally.

Katie Moussouris

As the CEO and founder of Luta Security, Katie Moussouris advises companies, lawmakers, and governments on the benefits of hacking and security research to help make the internet safer for everyone.

Moussouris’s most recent work was in helping the U.S. Department of Defense start the government’s first bug bounty program, called “Hack the Pentagon.” Essentially, inviting people to try to hack into their systems and then report software vulnerabilities that have the potential to be exploited. Her earlier Microsoft work encompassed industry-leading initiatives such as Microsoft’s bug bounty programs and Microsoft Vulnerability Research.

Michal Tsur

Dr. Michal Tsur is an experienced entrepreneur with many years of knowledge of technology startup work. She co-founded Cyota, a world-leading provider of security and anti-fraud solutions to financial institutions.

She is also the President and co-founder of Kaltura, the developer of an open source video platform, powering video and media management, publishing and monetization for leading media companies, universities and enterprises.

Tammarrian Rogers

Snap, Inc. has grown into a lot more than an app where the pictures disappear these days, and Tammarrian Rogers is helping to make the company’s continuing evolution run smoothly. As director of engineering, Rogers oversees the teams. responsible for the final experience and stability of the core Snapchat app

Before landing at Snap, during her 20-year career at Microsoft, she led teams in the Office, Online Services, and Windows Divisions, and was responsible for overseeing numerous programs and initiatives designed to improve efficiencies and code quality.


Join us in saluting these outstanding women – and all the other women who have left their mark on our lives. They have helped pave the way and are inspiring future generations of women to go and pursue their dreams.



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