Celebrating Black History Month

At hibu, we’re celebrating Black History Month by recognizing the achievements of African-Americans who have made a significant contribution to science or technology that directly impacts what we do for our clients. For example…

Mark Dean – What would we do without our computers, phones, and tablets? We owe a big thanks to computer scientist and engineer Mark Dean for helping lay the foundation for the digital age. He helped develop the IBM PC and the ISA system bus, which enables plug-ins such as disk drives and printers to connect to personal computers. Dean holds three of IBM’s nine original patents and led the team that created the first gigahertz chip.

Dixie Garr – After years of announcing that she was “someone’s VP, they just didn’t know it yet,” Dixie was courted by Cisco Systems to improve their worldwide customer experience. Thanks to her confidence and determination, Dixie is now a renowned technological leader in the commercial, industrial and defense fields.

Roy L. Clay Sr. – There is a land where the dot.com was born, filled with bright ambitious individuals. A place where people came to make their ideas and dreams come true. A vast place where data rains and megabytes flow. This place is Silicon Valley. We celebrate the contributions of Roy L. Clay Sr., considered one the Grandfathers of Silicon Valley. Clay was an important figure in the development of Hewlett-Packard’s computer division and developed the software for HP’s first entrance into the computer market, the 2116A computer. We thank Mr. Clay and many others for helping us connect like never before.

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson – “Can you hold on for a sec? I have a call coming in.” Ever said those words? If so, you have Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson to thank for giving you the option to put someone on hold.  And that’s not all – not only was she the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. from MIT, her breakthrough scientific research led to the technology behind caller ID and call waiting.

hibu is proud to salute these four leaders in technology and the accomplishments of all African Americans during Black History Month.





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